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Relax massage

The type of massage for relieving everyday stress and nervousness.

Swedish massage

The basis of all the european massage types. It refreshes the body with smoothing, rubbing, vibrating and kneading movements.

Sport massage

The treatment consists the moves used in Swedish massage, but in much a more powerful and intense way.

Back massage

It thoroughly kneads the back muscles exposed to everyday stress. It is especially recommended for sedentary people.

Foot massage

It helps to refresh feet exposed to increased load.

Sole massage

Treatment based on reflexology and oriental medicine. Any change in the body affects the feet, which can be detected even before symptoms appear.

Indian head massage

With its immediate effect it refreshes and relieves headaches. In the long term it helps you find physical and mental peace.

Hot stone massage

With heated volcanic stones, the masseur promotes the energy flow, relieves muscle tension and stiffness.

Bamboo massage

A powerful massage technique, with the purpose of strengthen and reactivate the connective tissue, cleanse the lymph, and achieve the perfect level of relaxation.

Magnesium massage

This treatment combines the beneficial effects of magnesium on muscles and the healing power of the swedish massage. Effectively eliminates muscle spasms and increases blood circulation.

Cupping therapy

A therapeutic tool in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a type of physical therapy. It has a very beneficial effect on blood circulation and blood composition.

Lymphatic massage

The aim of the treatment is to drain stagnant lymphatic fluid from the connective tissue. The condition of the lymphatic system determines the body's regeneration capacity.

Maternity massage

A soft and relaxing treatment that any expectant mother can safely try between 12-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Body shaping cellulite massage

It helps the accumulated lymph to enter the bloodstream through the lymph nodes, together with the waste material and be emptied. Frees fat cells from toxins.

Thai massage

An alternative therapeutic treatment for pain relief involves the massage therapist arranging the guest's body into various yoga poses.

Meridian massage

The treatment is based on the principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Its aim is to restore the flow of energy and establish the energetic balance of the body.

BEMER therapy

A pain- and drug-free treatment that helps preserve and restore the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

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