Diversified treatments: the basis of our massages is the traditional Swedish massage, but you can also try specialties such as maternity massage, Indian head massage or cellulite massage.

Trust and safety: a massage salon in Budapest, where the atmosphere is intimate and the team consists of specialists with whom you can feel safe during the treatments.

Qualified therapists: our masseurs are all officially qualified therapists, whom you can your questions contact with.

There is no "conveyor belt" here: we do not strive to receive as many guests as possible in one day. Our goal is to make you want to come back for a massage, so we will do our best to pay maximum attention to your needs and create a personal atmosphere during your visit.

Premium service: don't run away after a massage! Sit down and have a cup of tea. If you like to talk during the massage, our masseuses can always be persuaded into a friendly conversation. However, if you would rather immerse yourself in your own thoughts or sleep, we are also partners in relaxation.

Several types of massage: In addition to the classic Swedish massage, our approach also includes the spirituality and healing characteristic of Eastern cultures. In our salon in the 13th district, there are also types of massages that are focused on a specific area or problem. Stress-relieving massage, bamboo or even sports massage in Budapest, at the Central Harmony Massage Studio: discover our treatments!

Central Harmony Webshop: you can also shop with us!

You can buy massages (single or couple sessions), passes and gift vouchers on our website if you explore the options under the Online purchase menu item. If you would like to pre-order for a massage or surprise your loved ones, it is still worth taking a look around our webshop. Do not miss it!



If you are a returning guest, you can come to us for a treatment with a discount of up to 20%. After spending HUF 10,000, you get a 5% discount on the price of every massage. Get to know the details of the program!