We offer modern, diverse treatments: Our massages are based on traditional Swedish massage, but we also offer special treatments like prenatal massage, Indian head massage, and cellulite massage.

Trust and safety: Our salon in Budapest has an intimate atmosphere and our team consists of specialists who will make you feel safe and secure during your treatment.

Qualified therapists: Our masseuses are all officially certified therapists, and they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We don't rush: We are not trying to see as many clients as possible in a day. Our goal is for you to enjoy your massage and to want to come back, so we do everything we can to focus on your needs and create a personal atmosphere during your appointment.

Premium service: Don't rush off after your massage! Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, and take your time. If you enjoy chatting while your muscles are being worked on, our masseuses are always up for a friendly conversation. But if you prefer to relax and unwind in silence or even sleep, we are also here to support you.

Variety of massages: In addition to classic Swedish massage, we also offer a focus on the spirituality and healing practices of Eastern cultures. At our salon in the 13th district of Budapest, you can find massages that are specialized for specific areas and problems, such as stress relief massage, bamboo massage, or even sports massage. Come and discover our treatments at Central Harmony Massage Studio!

Bring your body to the best shape!

Daily tasks can tire anyone out without exception. In order to withstand the pressure - whether we are young or older - we need to bring our best shape. Our therapists help our guests find this state: regular massage treatments provide both relaxation for the body and peace for the soul.


Whether it's a headache, insomnia, back or limb pain, massage can work wonders. Our salon has trained masseurs who tailor treatments to individual needs. By choosing the right techniques and strength, you can leave our personalized therapies feeling more relaxed, energized, and healthier.


It's always a pleasure to give gifts to our loved ones and acquaintances, no matter what the occasion. A massage gift voucher is not only unique and pleasant, but also a life-improving surprise. The amount transferred to the freely rechargeable gift card can be redeemed for any of our services for 1 year from the date of purchase, so the recipient can choose the most attractive treatment for them.


Contrary to beliefs, a massage is not good if it causes pain to the guest. The aim of the treatment for all ages is to preserve health and establish internal harmony. If we don't feel good in our own skin or are simply tired of the rush, therapy can greatly contribute to pain-free everyday life as well as physical and mental balance.


Central Harmony Webshop: you can also shop with us!

You can buy massages (single or couple sessions), passes and gift vouchers on our website if you explore the options under the Online purchase menu item. If you would like to pre-order for a massage or surprise your loved ones, it is still worth taking a look around our webshop. Do not miss it!



If you are a returning guest, you can come to us for a treatment with a discount of up to 20%. After spending HUF 10,000, you get a 5% discount on the price of every massage. Get to know the details of the program!